Man vs. Food Adam Richman visits The Hip Hop Chip Shop

Jonathan OswaldPress, Strictly Business

That amiable chap Adam Richman from Man vs. Food fame bobbed over to see our boombox trailer in MediaCityUK with his Meat Lust entourage. Our “Meat Junkie” dish was named in honour of the world famous DJ crew, Beat Junkies –  a chilli batter sausage, wrapped in bacon with chunky skin-on chips & curry sauce that would accompany their Ghost Chilli sauce dip. It’s the ultimate pigs in blanket all year round. I have to say that upon meeting Adam, he really was a pretty inspirational man, he seemed to have a bit of knowledge on just about any subject. It turned out he was a propa hip-hop head, greeting me with “Nice DJ Premier tee” – a good start, he actually recently rapped on stage to 44k people with The Pharcyde too! Thanks to Meat Lust and everyone that came to MediaCityUK to support us too. Brooklyn branch opening soon right, Mr, Richman? You can see more about his visit to Manchester on the Manchester Evening News article here Photo: Air Adam Photography
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